5 Tips on Making Your E-commerce Websites User-Friendly

‘’User-friendly’’ is a factor that should be taken seriously when building up an e-commerce website. You can design a beautiful e-commerce store, but if it’s difficult to navigate, customers will simply abandon it and head out to the competition. This column rounds up the tips and tricks to design a user-friendly e-commerce solution:

1) Simplicity and organization are vital to making your e-commerce websites user-friendly

With many e-commerce website templates today, it is almost overwhelming to choose the best homepage design for your e-commerce solution. However, with serious research, you can find a design that is clean, minimalistic and elegant. Don’t choose a template that’s cluttered or makes your homepage too busy. A simple trick is to categorize items or better yet organize them by type of service.

2) Showcase your recent product additions or best sellers on the e-commerce website’s front page

Choose the best of the best photos of the products you're selling to showcase on your front page. For instance, if your e-commerce business deals in clothes, place the best photos with someone (model or you) wearing them to bring out their exact characteristics.  This technique will instantly draw the attention of customers and motivate them to buy. You can also utilize a specific logo or an illustration to give your customers a sneak peek of what is available in the photo album.

If you still have some doubts on how to make more appealing your website front page or how to easily build your online store, then check out www.shopify.com/online/ecommerce-solutions.


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3) Navigation is key to propel your e-commerce platforms

A hard to navigate e-commerce store is terrible for business, especially in this day and age where speed is of the essence. The new generation of shoppers will merely bounce off your store if they find that it's hard to navigate. To ensure secure navigation, introduce a navigation bar at the top of your e-commerce store's home page. Also, make sure you have a menu on the side of the home page to enable your customers to go straight to where they want to be. Every page should be labeled to prevent your customers getting lost when navigating to their favorite product. Also, make sure there is a return to homepage option on every page to enable customers to go back to the e-commerce websites front page.

A site map is also an important aspect when looking to make your e-commerce store easy to navigate. If you’re utilizing WordPress or Magento as your content management system, creating a sitemap should be easy. Apart from helping search engine spiders and crawlers index your site, a sitemap helps site visitors to find their way through your e-commerce website.

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4) A search bar is critical to the success of your e-commerce platforms

If you scour the internet, you’ll discover that every website has a search bar. With customers increasingly pressed for time these days, they want to go to a store, find and buy products and services as quickly as possible and go back to their daily activities. A search bar makes that possible. Without a search bar, customers will be forced to peruse through your e-commerce website pages, which can be time-consuming and might lead massive abandonment. The search box allows customers to type in their product name and it's availed to them in seconds. The search feature should also be able to avail the right products. That's why you must keyword your images with the right words. The search list also needs to be detailed. It should show the kind of product, its cost and other details.

Your e-commerce website’s check out processes should be simple

In this day and age, you should be using a shopping cart on your e-commerce store. A shopping cart makes customers' work easier. A customer can add products to the shopping cart and get the total cost of the products, plus related taxes and other charges. Also, include reliable payment systems like credit cards, visa cards, and third-party payment system like PayPal.

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