What Startups Should Look for in an Ecommerce Platform

What Startups Should Look for in an Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce Platform

When you are thinking of selling products online then you should select an ecommerce solutions provider that has the necessary features to help take your business to the next level. There are many ecommerce platforms available, which is why picking one is difficult choice. You need to analyze the needs of your startup and then find one that is suitable. Even though all ecommerce platforms allow you to receive payment and ship products to customers there are small distinguishing features which have a major effect on the overall ecommerce website.

Must-Have Features

A traditional ecommerce platform needs to allow you to quickly open your online store with little or no effort required. You should be able to accept the popular modes of online payment and you can boost the online presence of your ecommerce website through different marketing tactics.

These are the basic necessities but apart from that the ecommerce platform needs to promise you the following features:

  • Short loading time
  • SEO sitemaps, URLs, customizable metadata, bulk editing
  • General and specific product search
  • Abandoned car email alert
  • Integrated blog
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Discount and coupon offers
  • Display reviews and ratings
  • Multiple product images with the ability to zoom in

If you are an IT expert, then you will not place much importance on the ecommerce platform’s built in features however it is better to have something available than spending time customizing it. This allows business owners to spend more time working on their marketing strategy and coming up with a value proposition.


A startup owner with zero web development experience should be able to set up and launch the store without having to hire outside help. The tech support offered by the ecommerce platform should be accessible all the time through phone, email and live chat.


There should be features in place to help the website grow. Once you start receiving a sizeable number of sales and the business starts picking up, you can expand the operations. This involves introducing multiple channels i.e. opening your store on other platforms and adding more countries to your customer base. You can have applications made for the business once it has grown past a certain point. The ecommerce platform must offer multiple payment options, payment gateway integration and also allow the social media pages to be added to the website.


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