Ways to improve E-commerce User Experience

Ways to improve E-commerce User Experience

User experience is a very essential feature of an online store. Currently, Customers have more options for online shopping. And they are no more inclined to invest their precious time.  So, if you own an ecommerce business, and looking to attract as much customers as possible. With this goal in mind, you need to focus on making shopping experience easy, stress-free and more enjoyable.

Following are some ways to potentially influence customer experience in such a way that will have users buying from you and they would come again for more.

Loading Time

It is one of the biggest threats that could cost you losing your customers. Keep the loading time as minimum as possible. Since customers don’t like waiting around so they would get irritated and might press back button. Regardless of network issues and device, e-stores need to optimize their websites to attain ultimate performance.

Productive Search

Site searching is an easy way to connect with your users.  Devote time on adding features that results in an efficient search. A lot of e-stores come with features like auto-scroll. This would only lead to less affection by customers. Instead, add “recently viewed” option to give another chance to users without the need to start all over again.

Easy Access To Shopping Cart

Make the cart process easy and streamlined.  Buyers are spending their time and money on your store. So, don’t bother them with complicated and lengthy check-out procedures. Shape the final check out area as straight-forward and easy as possible. Sometimes, customer doesn’t feel like to buy at the moment so save their items in wish list for later use.  In addition, cart life could be extended as many buyers happen to complete their transactions afterwards.

Idea of Free Shipping

Nothing makes customer happier than a free shipping offer! In case of online shopping, it is essential to offer free shipping to be seen as competitive in the market. Moreover, it also makes buying process transparent. And then customers don’t care about hidden costs anymore.

Stock Availability

Inform your users accurately about product availability. Customers are out there to trust on reliable e-stores. So, avoid frustrating them with wrong information about items presence and delivery issues. Mention them clearly about any item’s discontinuation and un-availability or any shipping issues before giving them big surprise.

With these ideas, no one can stop you from running a successful e-store with enjoyable user experience.


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